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Negligence Suits Likely Over VA Procedures

This is a discussion on Negligence Suits Likely Over VA Procedures within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by SCbuckeye12 The VA has over 1400 clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. It's frustrating to hear a person complain about a particular VA ...

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Thread: Negligence Suits Likely Over VA Procedures

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCbuckeye12 View Post
    The VA has over 1400 clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. It's frustrating to hear a person complain about a particular VA hospital and it's attached to the whole VA system. Mistakes are made in every hospital around the world and it's just attached to that hospital.
    Are people honestly that naive to think mistakes aren't made in civilian hospitals.

    As stated before, I am very familiar with the VA and while it's not perfect, it provides a valuable resource to our veterans. Every effort is made to provide the best care and there are many veterans thankful for the care they receive.
    I have to agree here. I am around the civilian medical community daily. Unfortunately things happen that should not happen there as well as in some VA facilities. Although my Dad passed away June 9, 2009, he was a WWII and Korean War vet, I had the opportunity to accompany him on many visits to the Dorn Medical Center (VA) in Columbia, SC. I observed nothing but compassionate care and concern for my Dad and the issues he faced. Not saying that there may not have been issues in the facility, just saying that the VA Medical centers are a very valuable asset to our Vets and I personally would not hesitate to use the facilities. JMHO
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    re-rodc13 Mistakes in civilian hospitals

    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    You are absolutely right. We never hear about mistakes or negligence in civilian hospitals . . .
    Oh, believe me they happen. Just for grins, how about administering 10 X the prescribed dose because a nurse didn't know what a decimal point was. That one almost got my kiddo. How about a bogus laboratory report made up from thin air on a blood sample never drawn. That one happened to my wife and nearly cost her her life.

    There have also been many incidents involving improperly cleaned and sanitized endoscopes. This stuff happens all the time. Medical mistakes are very common. Still want to promote "tort reform?" Its funny how so many here want tort reform until something hits close to home.

    You can't judge a large system such as the VA by incidents at one facility, horrendous as these mistakes were.

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    VA hospital ignored vet's stroke, report finds | |

    VA hospital ignored vet's stroke, report finds

    The inspector general of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has found the Hampton VA Medical Center at fault after a doctor there failed to diagnose a Chesapeake veteran's stroke, leaving him permanently disabled.

    The investigation also found that the vet's medical record contained lab results from another patient and that the medical center staff turned a deaf ear to his repeated complaints in the weeks afterward.

    The veteran's complaints and the ensuing investigation prompted a series of corrective measures at the Hampton center, which serves a population of more than 200,000 veterans in eastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

    John Morgan, 53, a Marine veteran, was in the process of moving from Roanoke to Chesapeake in November when he began suffering slurred speech and weakness in his left leg. A volunteer paramedic, he had had a previous stroke in 1991 and thought he recognized the symptoms.

    Morgan said in an interview that he went to the Hampton VA emergency room and told the attendant, "I'm having a stroke. Please help me."

    Despite what the inspector general called "fairly classic stroke symptoms," the VA doctor failed to follow American Heart Association treatment guidelines, the investigation found. He sent Morgan home without ordering a CAT scan or consulting a neurologist.

    The next day, Morgan's wife took him to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, where he was found to have suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for six days.

    In addition to missing his stroke, Morgan said, the VA doctor told him his lab results were "good" when in fact his blood glucose level was high. The investigation found a major documentation error that would explain that discrepancy: Another patient's lab results had been placed in Morgan's electronic medical record.

    Finally, the investigation found that Morgan's repeated complaints about his treatment in Hampton - first to a patient advocate and later to the director of the medical center - went unanswered.

    In response to the investigation, the Hampton center has developed new clinical guidelines for recognizing stroke symptoms, trained its staff in how to avoid misdirecting lab results and placed its patient advocates under the director's supervision.

    The employment contract of the doctor who treated Morgan was not renewed.

    Morgan, meanwhile, has since had another stroke and continues to suffer from slurred speech and problems with coordination and walking. He is unable to work.

    A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain bursts or is blocked by a clot. It is the third-leading cause of death in the United States and the No. 1 cause of permanent disability.

    "It's very important that patients are diagnosed quickly when they've had a stroke because the neurons of the brain cells die very quickly after they're deprived of blood and oxygen," said Dr. Richard Zweifler, chief of neurology for Sentara Healthcare and a professor of neurology at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

    Clot-dissolving drugs can significantly reduce the odds of permanent disability, but they must be administered within a three-hour window from the onset of symptoms to work best, Zweifler said. Once that window closes, he said, the damage is irreversible.

    "I could have recovered," Morgan said. "But now I'm left with nothing."

    Nevertheless, he said he is pleased with the care he is getting now at the Hampton center - an improvement that he attributes to the arrival of a new director, Deanne Seekins, in July.

    "I have seen a change in attitude," he said. "She has turned that place around.

    In a statement Friday, Seekins said she and her staff have reviewed the inspector general's report.

    "We have instituted new training and procedures which directly address each recommendation," she said. "We will continue to strive for excellence and do all we can to build trust with all our patients."
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Holy crap I go to the VA but never had the procedure,I believe mine will be done by a civilian doctor.

    Not to make light of a serious situation, BUT, here I go,

    dukalmighty, was their pun in your statement "Holy crap",
    when speaking in reference to a "colonostapy

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    I don't trust the government to do anything for me, and I prefer to do as little as possible with 'big brother'.
    Nationall health care? Not for me...wake up America!

    This is how vets are treated? I wonder how the elderly would be treated?
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    No pun intended,so far at the outpatient clinic here I have been seen for appointments within 15 minutes or less of the appointment time and get free medication,tomorrow I have to go to occupational therapy so they can x-ray my right hand to see if they can help me recover complete use and flexing of all my fingers,I hope so I sure miss shooting right handed,I had to learn to shoot left handed 7 years ago,and can still outshoot or shoot just as well as my peers
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    The VA is horrible. the VA made my father 100% disabled and he has to live with pain in his neck and back because of some ******* doctor who can not do his job. When i was in high school i was hit by a truck. i waited 8hrs to be seen and x-rayed then another 4 hours for them to see me again after the x-ray. I would never go to the VA.
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    I just got back from a VA appointment for orthopedic evaluation on my crippled up right hand,the Doctor was the greatest one I have seen in the last 7 years including civilian doctors,he evaluated me listened to my problems and then asked questions no other doctor ever asked me and he knew my health condition and symptoms better than I did.He brought up stuff I forgot about and never mention because it's normal to me today.I have been referred to the spinal trauma clinic at Audie Murphy VA clinic,he says it's about the best spinal cord treatment facility in the U.S. and if I have any ?'s just call him anytime.I don't know about other VA's but so far I have been being treated great
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