Can LEO office workers carry?

Can LEO office workers carry?

This is a discussion on Can LEO office workers carry? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Maybe I have been watching too much 24. It has to be real because Hollywood only portrays real situations, right? Anyways, here is the situation ...

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Thread: Can LEO office workers carry?

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    Can LEO office workers carry?

    Maybe I have been watching too much 24. It has to be real because Hollywood only portrays real situations, right?

    Anyways, here is the situation in 24. Chloe is an analyst at CTU. She works in the office at a computer all day. But in this season, someone is trying to kill her.

    It appears that she has had some firearms training as she has shot people with an AR-15 and a pistol. The question I have is, in real life, do analysts and other office types at places like FBI, CIA, etc, get firearms training? Can they carry a firearm like a field agent? Do they have some type of badge that LEOs would recognize and permits them to carry without getting a CHL?
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    Generally speaking the answer would be no.
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    In Kansas I know some sheriffs that it's OK with and some that it is not, and some that were selective as to who they would let carry.

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    When I was an LEO unless you were sworn in as an LEO you could not carry ,you were just considered a city employee,Some departments actually have policies against off duty carry,I know it's stupid,the amount of criminals you arrest that threaten to get you and they want you to be unarmed off duty
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    Not as far as I know unless you were a peace officer (federal/state/local). Just working for a agency was not a qualifying factor that I am aware of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp1810 View Post
    Generally speaking the answer would be no.
    Generally speaking, that would be true, but it depends on the department. I can not speak about the CIA, but in most departments only sworn officers are permitted to carry firearms. Some agency's, policies are more flexible. In my experience, the department head can waive the rules to fit the circumstances. For instance, our CSI guy was a non-sworn person, but the chief granted permission to open carry (per state law) because of his frequent trips to crime scenes, etc. most often late at night.

    In a small department I know of in California, the night shift dispatchers and records crew are in the building alone, and are armed. In both of those cases, they must follow all department rules & regs, including semi-annual qualification.

    I quit watching 24 when Janeane Garofalo came on board and the crew began making "global warming videos." The show became boring with too much unrealistic stuff happening.

    In the case of the fictional Chloe, perhaps she is a civilian shooter and gun nut off duty.

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    CIA and FBI IT folks work in a Federal facility and come under 18 USC 930.
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    I will be the first to admit that I find 24 entertaining, but it in now way, shape, or form has anything to do with reality. Given that as the case, we can simply assume that computer analyists for CTU (or whoever) are all sworn officers and therefore legal to carry and in possession of agency training.

    In real life, at my PD, its against city policy for any non-sworn employee to possess a weapon on city property, so our office folks can't legally carry. I don't know if any of them do anyway, but they are separated from the public by secure doors and bullet-proof glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Landric View Post
    I don't know if any of them do anyway, but they are separated from the public by secure doors and bullet-proof glass.
    Even walking out to their cars? I think they should be carrying, even though they can't in our county...

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    I typed something out but edited it down to reflect which has already been noted:

    As a rule no. Most (all?) federal policies prohibit it. No badge and corresponding credentials authorizing the carrying of firearms? No possession or carrying of firearms at work.

    Most state and local entities I've encountered reflect very similar policies. The exceptions have been found at smaller, "more casual" entities; the type others usually don't try to emulate.

    Note: Often times folks are identified by statute and policy as LEOs and authorized to carry firearms are not traditionally thought of or who do not describe themselves that way: armed pilots, surveillance techs, electronics/radio techs, evidence techs, etc. They are armed usually for a specific reason, not to serve in regular law enforcement duties.
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    It will depend on agency and state. In California, even many desk jockeys are level III or II P.O.S.T. certified. They don't have 24 hour arrest powers, but are often able to obtain CCW's from their Chief or county Sheriff.

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