"If drugs were legal, there would be nothing to fight about." - Page 8

"If drugs were legal, there would be nothing to fight about."

This is a discussion on "If drugs were legal, there would be nothing to fight about." within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm That has become a common tactic of SD's. No amount of requests to stop the snide name-calling seems to stop them ...

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Thread: "If drugs were legal, there would be nothing to fight about."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    That has become a common tactic of SD's. No amount of requests to stop the snide name-calling seems to stop them from coming. It's seen for what it is. I trust it'll be handled at some point.
    Making unsubstantiated accusations has become a common tactic of ccw9mm. No amount of requests will encourage him to provide evidence for his defamatory comments. It's seen for what it is. I doubt it will end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yzcrasher View Post
    By that statement the only thing that seperates the two is a law. Further proving by your comment pot is harmless.
    Not at all. Marinol is dosage and quality controlled, carefully prescribed by an expert in the field. Illegal street drugs are of differing quality, not dosage controlled and there is no determination by an expert of neccessity.

    Again if you read my posts, I know a lot of people who do smoke and are very productive to society.
    And there are MANY more that are unproductive, whose sole goal in life is getting their next fix. And they need to get the money for that, which leads to crime. Addicts also require a 'higher high' so they move on to stronger drugs, readily available from thie drug dealer.

    By the way, I would suggest getting a new set f friends. Being associated with criminal is a poor reflection and can lead to legal problems for you in the future.

    Trying to play the fear game about how it ruins families and society just does not cut it because that's false and not a good argument.
    I gave seen it destroy families. My friend was maried to a dug addict and his inablitiy to hold a job led to severe problems for my friend and her children. This is not an isolated incident. In fact, it is the norm with drug addicts. Many drug addiction facilities are full of people trying to quit but need help to get on with their lives.

    Statistically speaking you probably do know a hand full of people who do smoke.
    All the people I work with are carefully screeened, most of whom have security clearances. Most people do not risk their jobs to pursue an illegal, childish endeavor.

    [QUOTE}Also not a good tactic is trying to throw "is it ok for your kids to do it" out there. First off they are 5 and 2.[/QUOTE]

    That is an age when children are learning intently. In fact, that is the age when you they should learn that drugs are bad and to avoid them.

    Second, if when they are old enough to make decisions like that it is their choice. "To each his own".
    It sounds like you think abdicating parental teaching responsibility is a preferred choice. Just let the kids do what they want! Teaching children is a lifetime event, no matter how old they are.

    The fact that it's my kids does not make it wrong or "a horrible thing" that's going to ruin my family.
    Criminal activity is always wrong.

    The same ol argument of it's illegal is old. There have been countless studies and tests done by groups / people / medical facilities stating pot is not bad going back a few decades. What more could you want?
    There are also studies that claim global warmng is going to kill us all. Legitimate studies by reputable researchers clearly demnstrate that marijuana is harmful, addictive and id detrimental for the individual and society. In fact, there is nothing good about it at all.

    Since we are eventually just going to agree to disagree I yield the final arguments to you.
    The main disagreement is that some people want to place another social burden on society. Legalizing marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin will require more public funds for treatment, it will significantly reduce productivity, ir will cause more welfare reciepients, and it will produce [another] generation of stunted brain development children to an even higher degree.

    The images of people walking around streets with needles stuck in their arms are real in societies where drugs are legal. Drugs cause problems. Condoning their use makes even more problems.

    Illegal drugs will never be legal in the United States, no matter how many liberals/libertarians we elect to Congress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    Making unsubstantiated accusations....
    All anybody has to do to substantiate the accusation, is read your posts if someone dares disagree with you.
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    The more some things change, the more they stay the same. Since the purpose of this discussion has served its purpose, let's call it done.

    For those who contributed, many thanks.

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