Your branch of service and why

Your branch of service and why

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    Your branch of service and why

    I have been talking to my kids about the importance of serving the US to protect her and repay those who have defended us in the past. When I talk to them about the various jobs available and the different branches they could choose form, I always get a "why", so I started thinking...

    For those of you who serve or have served, why did you choose the branch you did and the MOS?

    I was an Army Combat Engineer (12B), I have always just liked the Army and wanted to go Airborne, Airassault, Ranger, but that just wasn't in the cards for me.
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    I was army for 9 1/2 years....... Hawk missile, truck driver, and gun 2 words for your kids.....

    Sarcasm - Just one of the many services I provide!
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    I was 1 year too young to join the regular army when Desert Storm was starting up...But, I was able to enlist In the NC national guard. I figured we were going to be in Iraq the first time longer than we were...anyway, wanted to be a medic cause my grandfather worked for the local EMS for many years. I loved hearing his stories...

    I later changed my MOS to 13B after spending several years attached to a Field artillery unit..Hung out with the guys on the Guns and had the chance to shoot some HE's and high angle 155mm illumination rounds..I was hooked!

    I love a big boom!
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    Officer in the U.S.C.G.
    What else could I do on the Great Lakes?
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    Navy,was on small river boats and I thought it was COOL. Now that was a 22 year old thinking that. Back in 1967-68.I was a GMG, got to play with neat toys.I was young and dumb.But I wouldn't change a thing.

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    I initially started to go into the Navy but the career field I wanted required a six year enlistment, not wanting to be in that long went Air Force instead then stayed 22 years. Started out as an Aircraft Electrician then cross-trained to Flight Engineer.
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    USMC. More than one MOS in short terms. No matter now, I'm a better person for it all. Becoming......being a Marine was just tops in my book.

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    Army, because it seemed like the thing to do at the time (1964). Not the best reason, I know.

    MOS 55D (Now 89D), Explosive Ordnance Disposal, mostly because it seemed interesting and different. As it turned out it was both interesting and different, and possibly more mentally challenging than any other job in the military.

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    I chose Coast Guard back in '83 because everything else at the time was training for the job, and they were actually doing the job. It turned out to be more fun than I could have ever imagined, and it kept me out of jail until I could grow up a little.

    Honestly, any branch of service is an awesome learning experience. Even simple concepts such as understanding what a direct order really is, enabled me to be far more successful in life later on.

    Israel is really onto something, as they require that EVERYONE do at least a two-year commitment. I suspect that it contributes to the 'band of brother' cohesiveness that is required for their survival.
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    USMC - serve my country, prove I could do it, get paid to blow stuff up. Any branch is a good experience. One thing to think about is whether your kids plan to stay in or use the experience to train for a civilian career. Some branches are more geared to certain careers than others. If possible, talk to someone actually in the MOS to find out more about it - the description the recruiter gives may or may not be accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWDeanSr View Post
    I later changed my MOS to 13B after spending several years attached to a Field artillery unit..Hung out with the guys on the Guns and had the chance to shoot some HE's and high angle 155mm illumination rounds..I was hooked!

    I love a big boom!
    Good for you. So did I -- thousands of them in fact. See:

    8th Battalion 4th Artillery "Guns of the DMZ"

    Now I am relegated to shooting the little stuff -- .45 and 40 SW, etc.
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    US Army because several of my friends had joined. I had three medical MOSs (Lab Tech, Veterinarian Tech, Surgical Tech, plus EMT course), because I always had an interest in medicine and my mother was a nurse.

    I love the military and had a great career!
    Duty, Honor, Country...MEDIC!!!
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    USN- love the water!
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    Four years in the Army back during Vietnam. I joined the Army because I liked their uniform better than the others! Sounds like a goofy reason now, but that was the reason.
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    USMC, enlisted 0311 (infantry rifleman). In the navy you are a sailor, in the army a soldier, and the air force an Airman, but in the Marines, everyone is a Marine, officer and enlisted alike. I think the Marines hold a certain mythology within the American landscape. I chose infantry because to me it is the Marine Corps, everyone else supports us, and when you think of a Marine, you think of an 0311.

    As far as why I joined, I was 16 on 9/11, pretty much sealed it for me, although I took a kinda round-about route trying officer programs during college (my uncle is a retired Lt.Col and suggested it), before finishing my degree and enlisting. Honestly, I think it is something some people are just called to do when they hear the war-drums.
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