Seattle assassin nailed

Seattle assassin nailed

This is a discussion on Seattle assassin nailed within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The A*****E that ASSASSINATED a SPD OFFICER was shot & now in custody. SPD. ONLY regret is that it will live. Seattle, WA News Channel ...

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Thread: Seattle assassin nailed

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    Seattle assassin nailed

    The A*****E that ASSASSINATED a SPD OFFICER was shot & now in custody. SPD. ONLY regret is that it will live.

    Seattle, WA News Channel - News in Seattle, Washington and the Pacific Northwest - KIRO


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    copyed from link above

    Guns, Bombs Found In Shooting Suspect's Apartment
    Posted: 12:32 pm PST November 7, 2009
    Updated: 6:44 pm PST November 7, 2009

    SEATTLE -- Guns and explosives were found in the apartment of a man accused of killing Seattle police Officer Tim Brenton, Assistant Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel said.

    At a Saturday news conference, Pugel described 41-year-old Christopher John Monfort as a "domestic terrorist" who appeared to have acted alone in the officer's fatal shooting Halloween night but is also a suspect in the Oct. 22 firebombing of four Seattle police vehicles at a city maintenance yard.

    Police said there is a similar key piece of evidence linking the two crimes but will not say what that evidence is. The Seattle PI reported that American flags were left at both scenes.

    Articles printed about the bombing were found in Monfort's apartment along with makeshift explosive devices, an assault rifle, political science books and another gun, Pugel said.

    Police said Monfort had attended community college and studied criminal justice at the University Washington.

    Thousands Honor Slain Police Officer

    The explosive material found at Monfort's apartment will be analyzed to determine if it matches that which was used in the police vehicle arsons, Pugel said.

    Pugel said the two officers who were fired upon Halloween night appeared to have been chosen randomly.

    A profile released by SPD before a suspect was identified said the shooter had some sort of grievance that was bothering him and he may admire or act like a police officer. Read entire profile

    KIRO 7 confirmed through multiple sources that Monfort applied at the Seattle Police Department but was rejected.

    Books found in his apartment indicated that he may have been a student at the University of Washington at one time.

    Monfort was shot Friday when Seattle Police detectives pursued a tip at the Terrace apartments in Tukwila on Friday, Tukwila police spokesman Mike Murphy said.

    Pugel said three SPD homicide detectives approached Monfort outside the apartment building and had a quick exchange of words with him before Monfort pulled a gun, fired, then ran from officers.

    When Monfort stopped and turned toward officers with his gun drawn, three officers fired four to six shots.

    Pugel said Monfort's gun misfired when he attempted to shoot at police.

    Monfort was taken to Harborview in critical condition with gunshots to the head and side. He was upgraded to serious condition Saturday following surgery, Harborview Medical Center spokeswoman Susan Gregg-Hanson said.

    Pugel said police came to the apartments after receiving a tip from a citizen who noticed that the type of car police were looking for had been covered up with a tarp soon after the shooting occurred.

    That vehicle was found in the apartment parking lot Friday.

    Neighbors in the apartments said Monfort kept to himself.

    Pugel said as the investigation continues, anyone who knows Monfort or has details on the case is asked to call the Seattle Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

    The Seattle Police did not want the public to see the Saturday briefing live on television or online. Four TV news organizations, including KIRO TV, had joined together to use their resources to bring the briefing live for the public, but the SPD prevented that from happening.
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    It makes one wonder about how many more of these disturbed individuals are floating around our country...many, I'm sure.
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    I'm not so sure some of them didn't come to this country, years ago, with this very thing in mind...Especially after Ft. Hood
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    It makes one wonder about how many more of these disturbed individuals are floating around our country...many, I'm sure.
    Too many. And it seems like we get more and more as time goes on. I think the younger generation is not fazed by death and violence. I mean look its everywhere now,tv, movies,etc.

    What used to be extremely taboo and shocking for the older folks is just everyday life for kids now.

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    This reminds me (I don't recall how I heard this -- I think from a friend of mine), but the FBI believes there several dozen or more drifter type murderers who roam around the country killing with absolutely no remorse. They kill like we might step on an ant while walking.

    I did a quick search and came across some stories. Read the articles at these links:

    Catching a New Breed of Killer - TIME

    Drifter Killer - Tommy Lee Sells

    A google search will find many more. After reading about these random killers, it certainly makes you want your CCW with you 24/7. We may be statistically safe from these killers, but if you end up on the wrong side of those statistics, these killers won't even blink as they finish you off.

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