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What's Ford going to do for the police market?

This is a discussion on What's Ford going to do for the police market? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The Carbon has peaked my interest. If the cars live up to beta testing, I think they may fill the majority of fleets. I like ...

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Thread: What's Ford going to do for the police market?

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    The Carbon has peaked my interest. If the cars live up to beta testing, I think they may fill the majority of fleets.

    I like the Charger and would like to see it in an AWD platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    I want to see a million power spotlight on each side, thermal and infrared devices, runflats, and a remote operated .50 cal machine gun turret on top. On the wheels I want hubs like the war chariots used on the Movie Ben Hur with a ramming spike on front that would impale a running car. Another cool feature would be a multi shot Taser that is operated from inside with about a 100 foot range and a spike strip that you could drop while running down the highway. I would like to see a few rails on the back bumper so that you could handcuff uncooperative suspects to it so that you could walk them back to the station.
    I looked but couldn't find my pics of the CHP F4 airplane, or the Apache helicopter radar trap, and others.

    Like semperfi.45, I looked at the Carbon pretty hard and wondered if any here has driven one. It is nice to see all the 'stuff' nicely built in. I don't know about upgrading equipment over the lifetime tho which is an issue with built in equipment.

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    You guys just don't have the right dealership. Rear drive, big honkin V8, and a backseat so big you have to violate a perps civil rights to whack his head seating him. It's called a Chevy Tahoe police package. PM me to order yours(orders of 20 get priority). Even has black steel wheels.
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    I am actually excited to see something besides Cround Vics..... Up here RWD is bad news - Yes you can drive em hard and keep from getting stuck, and they do some pretty amazing turns on packed snow or ice - but just accelerating away from a red light, or getting a start up a hill is rough business.... Our Impala's seem to do much better with more weight on the "driving" wheels, and you dont have to load the trunk with 300 pounds of sandbags. I would be OK with Subaru's... fat chance of that.

    Adios Crown Vic, lets try somethign new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I've also heard that Carbon is teaming up with Ford. I think that is a stretch.

    So what have you heard?
    Carbon's E7 is 'supposed' to be 'comming soon'

    Carbon Motors E7 - Diesel Concept Car - Diesel Power Magazine

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    The offerings from the car companies don't have a lot of options.
    I'm sure I've said it a million times since 1996, but it's a shame Ford isn't still building these
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    A real Cop car

    SIXTO, how about something with a spacious interior,good wide stabilty,"lots of Steel" around the driver...maybe a tad big on gas consumption...but with air conditioning too!
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    I know for sure my Brothers new Something 09 is rear wheel drive ; )
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    I'm impressed with the E-7 on paper, but like everyone else, I want to see what it's really like.
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    It can throw a rod and keep on goin...

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    When my crew use to have to clean the police car fleet everyday ;7days the crown vics were beat to death they only kept them 18 months and they were gone.I find it interesting not one of you have not mentioned a diesel powered truck the new one are quiet and are fast and can be hoppped up for less than
    a grand real easy.they tend to carry more fuel have a much longer life than gas powered truck.I own a subbie it will take anything you guys can dish out but it's way under powered.I live in Augusta ,Maine and our leaders tried Volvo's and Subaru's in the 70's in both cases the officers tried their best to kill them and couldn't.

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    The E7 is diesel powered. I think we might see a trend towards that as diesel technology is getting better and better. I don't think we will ever see trucks or even SUV's as a typical patrol car, as they are extremely tough to get pursuit rated. Those vehicles certainly do have their place in the fleet, but its not for daily patrol in a normal setting. Chevy's Tahoe is, but only the 2wd version... which negates the attractive parts of using an SUV IMO.
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    ford will be holding their fleet road show service meetings for fleet customers soon....they will introduce whats coming then...

    we service a large number of local and county crown vics and they do take quite a beating...they hold up well though....itll be interesting to see what they replace them with...

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    will be an interesting next couple of years

    our fleet is CVPI, have some older Taurus models for detectives, have 3 chargers for some undercover or unmarked work
    I've heard our chief likes the chargers but we'd be looking at the cost of light bars, cages, and all the other gizmos and gadgets that our crown vics have to put in the chargers

    the E7 does sound interesting and won't need light bars but I'm sure it will take some places being guinea pigs and seeing its performance, etc before it catches on...but that will be about 3 or 4 years and the CV is ending way before that

    our patrol cars typically last 3 years so we basically replace a 1/3 of our fleet each year so I'm not sure what we'll be doing next year
    we have 14 brand new CVPI sitting at the city garage waiting to get outfitted right now so it will be about this time next year before we purchase anything else
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    Our local SO just announced they were phasing out their sedans (CV) and is going to SUV's and pickup trucks (4 dr)

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