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What to consider when buying duty gear

This is a discussion on What to consider when buying duty gear within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well, the department I used to work for required it's full time deputies to furnish their own gear(very small department with a very small budget ...

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    Well, the department I used to work for required it's full time deputies to furnish their own gear(very small department with a very small budget to match). It sucked, but on the plus side, there were no limitations on what you could purchase.

    Most of us chose nylon, and Gall's was what I purchased. Don't let the price fool you, that stuff is a really good deal. It lasted a lot longer than I have. In fact, I found out not too long ago that the reserve I sold it to after I moved over to the 911 center still has most of it and still uses it.

    The biggest suggestion I could make for you is this: Dont buy the Monandnock expandable pr-24 if you're worried about comfort. It'll have to be removed everytime you get in the car, and if you've got to do that might as well carry a standard one. I'd go with ASP for your baton. YMMV, but mine was extremely uncomfortable while sitting, and the rotating holder for it stuck out almost as far as a jacket slot holster, which made trying to move through tight areas a pain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Check out the latest ASP Cuffs. Click the link.
    ASP Catalog Pages
    I never liked the ASP cuffs. We had a couple 'use of force' incidents at the prison and it rendered the ASP cuffs inoperable after one time. They bent and warped and all kinds of stuff. Now all I'll use is either Peerless or Smith & Wesson. I prefer the S&W, but will use the Peerless if they're on hand.
    We don't even use the ASP any longer except for a few training scenarios. Nobody I work with likes them!!
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    I had some spare time between work and lodge this afternoon so I went into a local police supply store and ended up leaving with a pair of peerless 010 cuffs, after getting home I put dome powder moly around the pawl and swivels then some liquid moly on the hinge. They went from stiff to slick as snot in a matter of minutes. Now I guess that I need to focus on leather gear and ignore the bright flashy toys; after all with no belt and leather gear the shiney toys won't be much use.

    I looked at the ASP cuffs too but at $45 I decided to pass for now.

    I appreciate everyone's input and advice.


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    I would also suggest that you get a pair of leg irons. Really big people sometimes can't get their arms behind thier back far enought to use regular cuffs. Then you will either have to use two sets cuffed together or a set of leg irons to secure them.

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    Point taken


    Will the leg irons close enough to keep your suspect from slipping out of them?


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    To add or reiterate:

    So long as there are no safety violations, don't be afraid to experiment in the placement of your gear, or to be afraid to evolve over time as you learn what works best and why.

    Don't overload yourself. Less is more. As in, carry as little as possible in addition to what you'll have to carry on your belt.

    A mulitool is perhaps the best exception to above I can think of.

    Safariland makes excellent gear and as a rule, the best duty holsters.

    If you decide on the double cuff pouch route I recommend wearing it in front, just off center line, where they seem to work best for most folks. If going for singles, that's not a bad place for one of them, by the way, if allowable.

    Suspenders work well to save backs over time if authorized. Most places do not authorize them.

    Good luck - E
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    Leather gear sure looks good but it has it's down fall, many agency standards have changed to nylon gear. I prefer a Bianchi Accumold holster, S&W cuffs and Monadnock baton, I'd stay away from hinged cuffs, seen some lawsuits over the use, especially on larger perps.
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