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The US Military's German Fetish

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Thread: The US Military's German Fetish

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    Ya, and who used those weapons and vehicles? The German Military used it to their advantage (tried to)...thank you for backing me up. If they had more time and or stopped and waited a few years to build back up, after the fall of france and surrounding little countries, this world would have been very very different.

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    "Why do people have a fixation with the German military when they haven't won a war since 1871?" —Tom Clancy

    Boy, Tom sure has a way with words
    Timid people sleep peacefully at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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    This is one thing we did not learn from in the defeat of Germany. While they had many superior weapons, they were not able to produce them in great enough quantities or to maintain them in the field. They were defeated by mostly inferior weapons that were able to be produced in mass quantities. In tank battles their tigers could take out an amazing amount of allied tanks before succumbing to the vast numbers pitted against them.
    The biggest problem with the whole German approach to military equipment was their obsession with perfection, not practicality. As with their tanks, they built superior machines, but they could not produce them in great numbers, and often parts varied from one production run to the next; when the tanks broke down or were damaged, more times than not, the tanks could not be easily repaired due to these inconsistencies. WWII weapon superiority was not necessarily defined by who had he biggest or the most powerful guns or even the fastest tanks or the biggest battleships or the best planes. It was about who could produce the highest quality weaponry that they could keep in the fight for the longest period of time. It was also about one nations' ability to destroy another nations' ability to wage war. That is what we learned from both world wars, if anything. If you cannot replace your weapons or your warriors faster than the other guy is killing or destroying them, you are doomed, no matter how good your tactics or toys are.....

    In contrast, a Sherman tank could blow an engine on the battlefield and have the entire assembly replaced and the tank returned to service within 24-36 hours. Not even the Russians could accomplish this. The Germans may have shown us some cool techno gadgets from WWII, but as far as military philosophy is concerned, it really remains unchanged over the centuries. Victory has always belonged to the side willing to do whatever it takes to win.
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined". - Patrick Henry

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirage2521 View Post
    All the things you mentioned are not the result of a superior military. They are the result of a superior engineering and industrial complex. No one can argure that German engineering is first rate. The german army used it to their advantage. German engineering is still top notch and worthy of emulation/industrial espionage.
    Actually the Germans conquered most of Europe with inferior machines. The famous Panther and Tiger tanks were fielded in late 42 and 43. The Germans took all of France with inferior tanks and made it to just outside of Moscow with the Panzer Mk3h as a main battle tank. The Mk3h was a turd. The T34 was vastly superior to anything the Germans fielded for the first two years of the Russian campaign.

    The Me-109 was inferior to the Spitfire and only slightly better than the Yak7 and Yak9. Some would even argue that the Yak9 was the better fighter. Here again the superb FW190 didn't appear until later in the war.
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    Wow I thought it might have something to do with wearing panty hose,and turning the bottoms into shirts by cutting a hole in the crotch.And yes we wore them'to keep ticks outta places we didn't want to burn them out of
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    I can tell you this: There are way to many 14 year old air-soft players who want to play SS with black uniforms and shiny boots. I also once ran into a Marine with SS runes carved into his rifle. This article seems to blow it a bit out of proportion.

    I think many military men respect the Prussian culture. The culture of martial discipline and duty to one's country, not so much the "Nazi" part. More of a respect for brilliant and dedicated military men like Rommel, not die hard Nazi's like Himmler.
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