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Thread: Becoming a LEO

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    Well I'm not a cop but I play one on TV...

    NO seriously..Its very competetive right now. You need to be State POST certified, have a degree or be x-military. don't forget to think about doing more than just get hired.

    I think the military thing is a good way to. Get some college while your in there.

    The best degree to get is either Accounting or Business management.

    Either will help you in the long run. A criminal justice degree is a waste of time (no Offense to any current CJ degree holders) but here is my thinking.

    If its not for you, or your injuried your not stuck with a degree you can't use.

    You will learn everything you need to know in the academy and with about 50 years of experence.

    A accounting degree will help you do the following:

    1. go Fed if you wish..The FBI loves accountants and lawyers
    2. Help with promotions..gotta be able to count to do budgets and stats
    3. Help become a detective..every case has a money line to follow. all narcs need to know basic accounting.

    Oh yeah get off duty work and you save money on your taxes.

    Good Luck
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    Good Advice from TapRackBang, if you are going local. I got the same advice when I was school searching, dont get a CJ degree. So I decided to go with Civil Engineering. The feds DO look for the CJ degree, or something directly related to the job at hand (FBI does love acountants).

    Our most recent academy class of 35 had 1500 applicants, of the 35 that started I think we have roughly 20 working the streets as patrolmen (and woman) the others washed out, were injured or failed to complete FTO. I recently applied for a federal LE job with a highly competative agency, we started with 75 applicants, only 30 were invited back for "the interview" and out of those 30 only 7 of us were given Conditional Offers of Employment..... It is a very competative market right now.

    You wont know if its for you unless you try, and you wont know that for sure until you have been working the job. I say go for it.
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    If any of your local PDs or Sheriff's departments have it try a reserve program. It gets your foot in the door and shows you really want a job if you are willing to do it for free. It also lets you check it out before making a career jump that you might not like.
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    Try the Reserves

    Quote Originally Posted by Mic View Post
    Totally wrong! most LE organizations don't want former MP's or AF security force types. The military does not teach law enforcement, they teach the bare minimum of techniques, military procedures, and Battle field missions. So a LE org gets a old MP who knows nothing but "thinks" he knows it all be cause "I was a MP for 6 years" this is just like trying to teach a old dog new tricks, it can be done, but what a pain, they would rather get a civilian off the street with no idea of LE and let the academy train him right.
    I agree with this having been AF Security and being a Reserve Deputy as well (I am a Reserve AF member and a Reserve SO member ...hmmmmm?). Anyway most agencies will not care what you did in the military. You could be Special Forces or a cook but if you deployed somewhere you will get some type of preference normally.

    Dont get me wrong, they wont look at it negatively (as I have seen it) since being able to wear a uniform, understand a chain of command, and more is a good thing in a department. What they are not looking for is the guy or gal who already knows it all because they saw Baghdad......... This is not meant as disrespect (since it would apply to myself here) but we are fairly common and can screen out most of the Rambos from the calm, trainable ones.

    Back to the point though; try a reserve Posse or Dept that has a Reserve unit out first and if you like it, move it up to full time. If you like the option of wearing the uniform when you like and picking the shift for the most part then stay a reservist......

    My .02 only
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