I took this gun in trade a few years ago and it has sat in the safe ever since. The seller said he purchased it for his wife for when she got her NC concealed carry permit, but this never happened. He said he shot one 20 round box of Gold Dots through it with zero issues, and it went back in his safe. Looks like I have every thing that would have come with the gun when new, including one magazine, one spent shell casing, key for the safety, trigger lock and a stack of paperwork all in original box. I prefer a FTF in Mount Airy North Carolina, I know this may limit the buyers but I prefer a FTF so both parties are happy prior to any transaction taking place. All NC laws will be followed to the T. Buyer will be asked to sign a bill of sale and provide either a pistol permit, or a photo copy of their concealed carry permit. I am not wanting to drive very far with diesel at $4.00 per gallon, but I will be traveling from Mount Airy to Bessemer City on Sat and I am willing to meet someone along the way. Price is $250 cash and I have excellent feedback on Carolinashootersforum, AR15 forum and Ebay so deal in confidence. Thanks for looking and have a great day.