Iím selling my Kahr CW9 in the box with trigger lock, ownerís manual, and a spare 7 round magazine that I got back in January. Iíve put about 800 rounds through it without a single hiccup. This is an awesome little gun but it doesnít fit my hand as well as Iíd like it to so Iím looking at another model. I have meticulously cleaned this gun from day one and oil it weekly. When itís not in my waistband, itís in a climate controlled, padded safe. If you know anything about Kahrís (and Iím assuming you do if youíre on this blog) then you know how quality these firearms are. I feel that the CW9 is a perfect size for IWB carry. Itís large enough to shoot comfortably as your pinky finger can find a home but itís small enough to easily conceal under almost any shirt (I wear pretty fitted clothing and my wife almost never knows when Iím carrying and when Iím not).
Iím also including my custom right-handed PJ IWB Belt Clip holster. I had Paul at PJís make this for me and Iíve loved this holster for its amazing thinness, which makes in very comfortable and also for its on/off ease. This holster has a slight FBI cant but I still carry it in the appendix (1 oíclock) position about half the time so I can access it easily while wearing a backpack or messenger bag.
Iím located in Indianapolis, IN. I will ship to any FFL dealer in the U.S. at the buyerís expense.
Message me for pricing.