I have a basicly new (only worn twice) JS Paddle Holster for a Glock 19, 23 or 32. This is a well made, comfortable and very concealable custom Kydex holster that usualy takes a few weeks to be made and shipped. Here is their sales pitch:

This is our flag ship (so to speak) for KYDEX® holsters. We designed this holster as a single piece with the paddle formed away from the body. The result: a KYDEX® paddle holster crafted to securely hold the firearm, be comfortable to wear, aid in concealment without hindering a smooth draw or re-holstering and stand up to everyday wear and tear. We employ an even cut at the bottom of the holster to allow the use of longer slides.

$45 Shipped.
JS Paddle Holster for G19-js_paddle.jpg