Up for sale is a Bushnell Trophy optic. It is actually a really nice optic and styled after the ACOG. Now I am not saying it is just as good as a Acog because that would be foolish. But it doesn't cost what a Acog costs either. My buddy had one on a 308 AR10 and he put thousands of rounds through that rifle with this optic and it never lost zero. I purchased one after shooting his, but I mounted it on my Colt Hbar and it simply sat in the safe. I now have a ACOG on that rifle so I want this to go to someone who will enjoy it. I believe I paid $169 for it, so how about $125 shipped? You would be hard pressed to find a better optic at this price, plus it looks awesome on a AR type rifle, if you are into that sort of thing. Please no low ball offers, as I said I believe this is a fair price for a nice optic as close to new as possible. This will be posted on a couple of forums so the first "I'll Take it" get's it. You can find all the technical information on this optic online. Thanks for your interest.