I am sitting on a used SW40VE. It is excess to my needs and came form a reliable source. I sold him a G23 and took this in on trade. Comes with 2ea 14-round magazines and OEM box. Serial # on box matches pistol. I'd like to get $295.00 for it. Honestly these can sometimes be found for around $299.00 when in stock. Comes with an extra trigger (I think) spring.
THIS IS NOT a great value if shipping and FFL transfer fees are added in. However if you are near Madison county, Kentucky and would be willing to pick it up it might be a nice deal for you. There is some holster ware on the slide but if you are looking for a truck, camper or RV piece this might me a good option.

Smith & Wesson SW40VE - Central  Kentucky-sw40ve.jpg