BNIB CIA M70 Yugo N-PAP. Comes with 5 thirty round high capacity mags (2 metal and 3 US Palm AK30's).
Never been fired and will come with 100 rounds of Winchester and Remington 7.62x39 ammo. Been sitting in my safe for awhile now.
I'm seeing this thing going for $1,800 with only the two mags.
I'm asking $1,250 for rifle, mags and ammo. Michigan -- BNIB M70 Yugo N-PAP high capacity AK-2.1.jpg

FTF sale only and cash please.
Will consider dropping price some for AR-10 Armalite equipment. Looking for 20 round mags, Magpul stock and other goodies. Already have a free float quad rail on order, so not needed.