Purchased from LGS about 3 months ago. I put 30 rounds through it that day and hasn't been fired since. Cleaned and treated with Frog Lube and is currently lubed with Frog Lube. I put some VZ Operator 2 grips and screws on it, I do still have the OE grips and screws. Leather is a Canute, right hand from UBG Holsters. Ive only carried it a couple times. I did manage to put my idiot mark on it, but it is very minor.

I paid $970 for the gun out the door, $90 for the grips and screws and $65 for the holster. I would like to get $950 cash sale for everything. Not willing to separate and I do not need to sell. Please use the PM function here to make contact.

1911 Ultra Nitron