CMMG AR15 .22lr conversion kit

Here is the story behind this item for sale.

Many many moons ago, I bought a Daniel Defensive AR15. I bought a .22 conversion kit (it says Brownells but it really is CMMG) but never really used it. Late last year, I tested the conversion kit and it pretty much failed every 3rd round or so. I contacted CMMG and they exchanged it for a brand new one. I put about 10 rounds through it, but it still fails.

I am not interested in keeping this and figuring out the issues because I bought a S&W MP AR15-22 and am very happy with it. So I am selling the CMMG conversion kit and 4 Magazines, 25 Round. Reviews on the web give it many thumbs up. It could be my gun, it could be the magazines. I do not know. So I am selling it AS IS with this disclosure.

I am not looking to make a profit, just the current price, which considering the current state of affairs, I think it is fair. If you want to offer more, I would be happy to take it.

CMMG conversion Kit - $200
4 magazines @ $25 - $100
Total - $300
+ S&H

FS: CMMG AR15 .22lr conversion kit-img_2170.jpg