Ok, I've got the bad jones for a S&W 940, so I'm putting one of my all-time favorite carry guns on the trade block to try and flush one out of hiding. Up for trade is my Kahr K9 Elite 03. The Elite trigger is smooth as butter; the nights sights are good and strong; and the finish is beautiful. It has the Houge Kahr grip panels which don't add anything to the width and give excellent control. This little pistol is a tack driver and has digested every type of 9mm HP ammo I have put through it without a single hiccup. It was my primary off-duty gun until my agency changed our off-duty carry policy and issued me a smaller version of my duty weapon for "secondary" or off-duty carry. The Kahr has been sitting in the safe ever since. It comes with 3 factory magazines as pictured - one flush fit 7-round and two 8-round mags with pinkie extensions. It also includes the pictured Galco Matrix Holster and Safariland double-mag pouch, as well as the Kahr factory plastic case and manual. Is is pretty much a ready-to-wear CCW package (unless you are a mutant left-hander, in which case you will need a different holster). Anyone who has traded with me in the past will tell you I take extremely good care of my firearms.

I'm looking for a S&W 940 revolver in like condition for a FTF trade in MS.

In addition to the above listed Kahr accessories, I also have 4 additional factory magazines and several very nice custom holsters, as well as a set of custom wood grips. I intend to sell these separately. However, for the right S&W 940 package, I would be willing to include them as well.