Title says it all. An almost new 22 Gen 4, bought it last month. Only mod is a set of Trijicon HD sights, orange. Comes with five 15 round magazines and a fair amount of ammo. About 100 or so rounds through it. Problem is, I shot my 1911 this morning and remembered just how sweet they are. I have plenty of Glocks, and now need a Colt to go with the Kimber. Comes with about 550 rounds of WWB ball ammo, one box of Wolf, 4 boxes of 180 grain HST, a partial box of 165 grain Gold Dots, and one full and one partial box of Ranger Ts. Looking to get out of the 40 biz altogether and bear down on 45. Sorry, the Sparks holsters stay with me for my 31. I did the math, and it looks like I have about 1175 wrapped up in all this. Will let it go for 900. Not sure what shipping will be, but shouldn't be awful, and I will split it with buyer. Postal money order, if you please. Many thanks.

Make sure you are legal to buy this, OK? No illegal states. If you are from one of the communist states, you can have my sympathy, but not my gun.