I'm listing this for my girlfriend.

Up for sale: Ruger LC9 with 200 flawless rounds through it. I carried it a little in my purse, and in a righthand crossbreed Supertuck, which is included. The holster is about a month old. Slight carry wear on left hand side. Overall the finish is at 99 percent. I prefer a face to face (buyer paid) transfer in Elk County, PA, but am certainly willing to ship on your dime. Ideal carry set up for your wife or girlfriend, ready to go! PM me to deal!

WTS: Ruger LC9 with Crossbreed Supertuck-d2afa017-7f71-40bc-97a6-14c6ba2a84c5.jpg

WTS: Ruger LC9 with Crossbreed Supertuck-60328631-4389-465f-9c2e-f4b2c1932d2f.jpg

Price: $400