I have a Crimsontrace that I custom fitted onto my Diamondback DB9.

1. What I did was take a feeler gauge and put it on both each side between the frame and the slide near the front WITHOUT the CT laser installed and took note of the measurements of both sides.
2. Using a marker or piece of a dowel with some fine sandpaper wrapped around it, I carefully sanded the front top part of the Crimsontrace laser module.
3. I would then install the CT laser module onto my Diamondback DB9 and using the feeler gauge measure the gap and take note of the measurements.
4. I would keep sanding and measuring untill the gap measurements of the CT laser installed and it not installed are the same or very close.
5. By doing this, this eliminated the CT Laser pushing up on my Diamondback DB9's frame when the firearm was fired and the slide was moving, causing early adopters to get broken frame rails. This is why the Crimsontrace Laser module is no longer recommended for the Diamondback DB9.

When I had my Diamondback DB9 I had this CT Laser installed on it and probably shot about 1000 rounds through it without any problems to the laser or my Diamondback DB9. I have since sold my Diamondback DB9 to a police officer that wanted it as a backup gun and he did not want the laser.

So what I am offering to you is a Crimsontrace Laser module that has been modified to fit and work much better than the stock one as it puts less stress. However you have to remember that this was fitted and worked great on *MY* Diamondback DB9. Since there are manufaturing tolerances, if someone decides to purchase this and I offer NO warranty or gaurantee, the purchaser and / or new owner may have to use a feeler gauge to make sure the gap is what they are comfortable with, with the Crimsontrace laser installed on their Diamondback DB9.

The Crimsontrace laser module comes with the original box, manuals, etc. I am asking $125 SHIPPED anywhere in the USA for this. If you are interested in purchasing please email me at jrd8307 AT AOL.com (Please replace the AT with an @ and remove spaces) Thank you for your time and interest. God Bless