1 CAA mod: CP Cheek rest Set - NEW
2 DPMS AR15 hand guards - NEW
1 DPMS AR15 Hand Guard milled to enable the mounting of a EoTech A511/A512/A516 Sight
1 Picitinny Rail for above hand guards - NEW (test mounted only)
1 UTG Mod. 15 ambi Fore-end adjustable hand grip with storage - NEW
2 DPMS AR hand grips - NEW

Asking $50.00 [Negotiable] - PayPal is fine with no surcharges to the buyer. Buyer pays what ever it costs to ship however. I suspect that the USPS Priority Mail east of the Mississippi would be about $10.00. More to the west. I'll gladly refund the difference in shipping if it under $10.00 east. If it a couple of dollars over, I'll just eat it myself. Just trying to spread the wealth.

For Sale - AR Rifle Parts - KENTUCKY-img_0252.jpg
For Sale - AR Rifle Parts - KENTUCKY-img_0250.jpg
For Sale - AR Rifle Parts - KENTUCKY-img_0251.jpg