Decide the list it all individual ..

So first is xd45 full size with 4 mags and a tlr laser/light and a storm lake barrel ( not show ) thread

I have the case and should have all the stuff for it too .

And apologies for anyone from the last thread .. I will add this this is first come first serve first I will take it PM gets it and it is for sale on other sight so first serious cash in hand buyer and I will take the add down but I can add you to a wait list if you like .. I dont want to jerk anyone around

And do to it having "high cap mags " I can not ship this some places .. I think CO is still ok as is NJ ... For you folks in CA I dont think I can sell this there due to the thread barrel and over 10 mags .. But if you really want it pm me and lets talk ..

So note this comes with a thread barrel and over 10 round mags which would make this a no go in some states ....

I rather sell as one unit as I have no need for the barrel of course

This would be a great silencer host .. Why I got it but I have a glock 21 for that now ..

Thanks and good luck