Memphis/N. MS area. New unused Genuine Elephant and Cape Buffalo Exotic skin IWB holster. These are new and unused. I have 2. Both right hand and have soft lining that holds gun tight, but is easy on finish and makes for a smooth draw.

I have 2 Elephant, 2 Brown Cape Buffalo, and 2 Black Cape Buffalo. $50 for elephant and $45 for buffalo

Grey Elephant for small frame semi autos. (Kimber Solo, Sig P290, Walther PPK, ect)

Grey Elephant for snub nose revolvers

Black Cape Buffalo for large frame Semi Auto (Full size glocks like 17,21. Full size M&Ps, CZ 75, ect)

Black Cape Buffalo for med frame semi autos (Glock 19 ect)

Brown Cape Buffalo for small frame semi auto (Sig P290, Kimber solo, Walther PPK, ect)

Brown Cape Buffalo for pocket 380s (Ruger LCP, Kahr, Kel Tec, ect)

$50 & $45 shipped each. Price firm. No trades