Hey all,

I don't shoot it, and would love to sell this to someone who would. It's a Lee Enfield made in 1943. It's not brand new! Has some scuffs and scratches, and I lost the magazine for it in a move. I just never bothered to replace it. Good looking rifle, original stock (but it's been cut down). All the numbers match, no import stamp, bore looks great and it shoots excellently. Would make a good deer rifle, a good piece of history or even just a fun shooter. The ammo is a little hard to find at times, but if you reload it's really about the same cost wise as a .30-06.

It's also been drilled and tapped for a scope mount (why do people hack these old rifles up? To be clear, this is the condition I got it in!). I actually bought it as a deer rifle, but I don't hunt anymore. Haven't in years, don't think I ever will again. This gun is fun to shoot but with a brass butt plate and a pretty stout cartridge it's not an all-day shooter.

Let me know! Would prefer to sell to someone local as I've never shipped a gun before. But if you're willing to bare with me, we could work out shipping too. I live near St.Louis in Missouri. I'd be willing to drive a couple of hours and meet someone halfway or something for the right price.

If you come pick it up, or meet me somewhere within 50 miles or so; I'd like $200 OBO. All matching serial numbers, no import stamp.

1943 Lee Enfield no. 1 mk. III Sporterized (Missouri Area)-photo-1.jpg1943 Lee Enfield no. 1 mk. III Sporterized (Missouri Area)-photo-2-1.jpg1943 Lee Enfield no. 1 mk. III Sporterized (Missouri Area)-photo-2.jpg1943 Lee Enfield no. 1 mk. III Sporterized (Missouri Area)-photo-3.jpg