Everything is in like new condition. Great stuff here just collecting dust in the safe. Im not tech savvy with posting pics so PM me for pics if interested. All prices included USPS and PayPal fees.
Crimson Trace
$160 LG 305 J-frame (can't ship for 3 weeks.)

$80 Broomland Max-Con V (black)S&W M&PC
$35 N82 professional 1911 full size
$35 N82 professional 1911 compact
$30 Glaco Summer Comfort K/L frame (BLACK) 4 inch revolver
$25 Smart Carry Double Pouch (Reg size 32-37) fits various

$20 47C low profile 7 round
$20 47C (Black)

$20 Frog Lube 8 oz liquid and 8 oz paste (80% remaining)