The following are for sale, all prices include shipping:
1-Garrity "Inconspicous" IWB for HK P7 PSP, New, Right Handed, $70
2-Garrity "Incognito" IWB for Sig P229r, New, Right Handed,$100
3-Garrity "Enforcer" OWB for Glock 26/27, New, Full Shark, Left Handed, $125
4-Bulman Double Pouch for Beretta PX4, New, $45
5-5Shot Double Pouch for 1911, New, $45
6-Alessi Combo 1911mag/Surefire Scorpion or similar light pouch, New, $55
7-Wilson Combat Single pouch for 1911, Lightly Used, $25
8-Galco Tan 1911 single pouch, clip-on, New $25
9-Galco, Tan 1911 single adjustable pouch, Gently Used, $25

All items have 1.5 loop except for the Galco which are their standard of 1.75