Walther PPK or PPKs holster from DeSantis.

Model O65 VIPER paddle in Black. Excellent condition.
$80 from DeSantis.

Asking $50 shipped.

CZ Factory posters. As shipped from CZ-USA.

P-01, SP-01 Girl (Sold Out) , 75B, Kadet Kit, All Pistols,
452 ZKM, CZ-100.

Only missing the CZ83, then it would be the whole set.

Look here for poster fotos.
75B, CZ83, CZ100, Kadet and (most) All CZs! Some new posters for 2006

You can buy them for $15 each ( except SP01 Girl)
from CZ-USA for $105.00 plus postage.

Or buy this set of 7 posters from me.

$50 shipped.

"The Colt Single Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual Volumes 1 & 2" Book by Jerry Kuhnhausen
Pristine condition, I never cracked it open.

Sells for $35 on Midway plus shipping.

Now $33 shipped from me.

EMAILS Only please, as I might not check PMs.

Money orders only please. No PP sorry.


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