This mag pouch combo will not fit my forthcoming P-07
Duty. I'm getting special holsters/pouches for it, so this
stuff is now for sale.

BLADE-TECH CZ75 Mag Pouch/Surefire Combo
No mag or flashlight included.

$50 shipped.

8 CZ Factory posters. 8 Poster set as shipped from CZ-USA.

P-01, SP-01 Girl (Sold Out) , 75B, Kadet Kit, All Pistols,
452, ZKM, CZ-100.and now CZ83!

You can buy them for $15 each ( except SP01 Girl)
from CZ-USA for $$$ plus postage.

Or buy this set of 9 posters from me.

I'm asking $65 shipped.

Ask about other sets.

Hakan Pek Custom Grips. CZ75, 75B, SP-01 and all full sized 9mm /40s that accept grips, except the

Click for larger pics.

Ask about your gun if you are not sure.

Now $55 shipped.

EMAILS Only please, as I might not check PMs.

Money orders only please. No PP sorry.