I have several vests that I no longer use that might be of interest to you...

Protective Products International
Model ST-3A, Name Viphan
Lightly used, panels and carrier in very good shape
Panels Mfd Nov 2007
$528.76 retail, asking $320 plus shipping

Diamondback Tactical R.B.V.V. (Rapid Ballistic Vest, Victory)
Model LTA
Used, some wear
Medium Regular
Panels Mfd June 2004
$649.95 retail, asking $360 plus shipping
Predator Low Vis. Carrier (V-PLVC-LTA)

BCB International Tactical Response Vest, Overt
Very lightly used, carrier shows a little wear, panels are still as new (flat, clean, and dry)
Size Large
Panels Mfd Unknown, sometime between 2004 and 2006
Link doesn’t show it, but the vest has a mag/radio pouch, a medium utility pouch, and two small utility pouches on the front, and a cuff pouch and medium utility pouch on the back
$480 retail, asking $280 plus shipping
Overt Tactical Response Vest - Special Forces, Outdoor Survival Gear and Military Equipment from BCB International, Wales, UK

I have some LvlII+ steel plates, too, but you said that you don't need these... Let me know if you have any questions.