Here is a nice, thick, substantial, A-2 Tool Steel knife blank that has already been profiled out by abrasive water-jet. It is 13" in length.
You'll need to further shape, contour and thin the blade it with a belt sander or grinder and then finish with hand files and finally with either silicon carbide paper or sandblasting.
You'll also need to do some hand work with a round chainsaw sharpening type file to complete the serrations. That file is a hardware store item. It is just a small diameter round file.
You get the blade ALMOST complete but not with a finished edge then air harden it yourself or send your nearly finished knife out to be hardened and tempered for a nominal fee.
The final step is to put on the handles and the edge.
This is super high quality steel that will make-up into a fine knife if you do your part.
A2 is an air hardening tool steel that it is extremely tenacious and tough.
The "through" rivet holes have already been drilled for you in the handle.
The Chris Reeve survival knives are all one piece A2 and sell for $300.00+
Includes Gabon Ebony for handles and Compression Cutlery Rivets in Stainless Steel.

$21.00 + $9.00 Shipping VIA USPS Priority Mail.
First person to PM me that they want it - gets it.