CZ 4 Poster sets. $45 Shipped For each Set

75B, Kadet Kit, All Pistols, All pistols 2009

CZ Factory posters are in pristine to superb condition.
Been in dry storage and are as perfect as you can get
from CZ-USA.
Measurements Are: 26 inches tall x 18.3 Inches wide with blue borders.
Perfect from framing.

I've sold poster sets on Ebay, Gunbroker and gun forums.

--My poster supply is getting low and I've decided not to sell them anymore after
this Summer.

--So, THESE are my last sets.

---ADD $10 if you want one of the last few PCR/P-01 Posters.

-----------Look here for pics of all my posters for sale.

---75B, CZ83, CZ100, Kadet and (most) All CZs! Some new posters for 2006

The last 9 poster set is currently on Gunbroker.

Thanks for looking!

Update: Free CZ-USA Decal With each set.