Looking for hi-cap (13 rounders) for the Glock G23. Must be drop free, non-LEO marked. Willing to trade.......I have two Glock factory G22 hi-cap magazines (15 rounders) in excellent condition, and two ten rounders in excellent condition. I have one non-captive steel guide rod/spring at factory rating for the G22, and I have two A&G grip extenders that work for adapting G19 magazines to the G26 or adapting the G23 magazines to the G27. I have a lot of new Glock factory parts if you are looking for spares for something or wanting to try out that extended slide stop. I do have quite a few G17 magazines that I've never had an issue with that are hi-cap as well, and if that's what it takes, then we'll find out. Come tomorrow, I'll be beating the bushes here locally for the mags I want, and I've already found and acquired one through a trade at my local indoor range. I have plenty of resources including all of you, and you might look at me the same way....good resources are hard to establish. Just let me know, and email is preferred since my PM list seems to stay full. Thanks everyone.