I am putting my sig full size (stainless with nitron finish) 1911 up for sale. It's one of the cream of the crop sigs from when they used an all star parts list.

Caspian-grip safety
Storm Lake-Barrel
EGW-Thick carry bevel bushing (that I put in any 1911), hard sear, extractor, ejector and firing pin stop.
Greider-Trigger(before known as videcki and I also put these in all my 1911's), slide stop (the same DW puts in their 10mm's for extra strength), plunger tube
Wilson Combat-thumb safety
The hammer and mag release I don't know. They are not mim and probably come from one of the above companies.
Guncrafter-Mainspring housing.
True Novak night sights

They stopped this all star parts list in the 7,000's and it was made after the problems with the caspian frames.
These are forged SIG. The grips are Kim Ahrends tactical cocobolo grips.
It will fit standard leather 1911 holsters and uses standard 1911 parts.
Box, lock, 2 mags, etc. Less than a box through it.
Pictures will be forthcoming later today or tomorrow.

$825.00 plus 20.00 shipping.

Just like new (except the grips), some oil shining on it.