Need to sell a couple.
Mom is retiring her Baretta PX4 Storm - 9mm. "F" decocker safety set up. 2-17 rd Mags, Box, Papers, 5 locks . Her age is making it a little too heavy for her. This gun will be 2yrs old Christmas. I will guess a couple thousand rds. I dont keep inventory like some. Well maintained. Never carried or holstered. She laid it on a carpet square at the range. Cleaned after every shoot.
Academy here: drive out price is $562.90 when they can get them. None available now in any caliber.
She has CHL. I do too. Prefer you do too. Otherwise written bill of sale.
Her price $475.00 firm.

My Kel-Tec P32. (This ammo is readily available while .380 is not yet.)
This gun is about 5yrs old w/ 92 rds through it. I bought 2 boxes & have 8 left. Same care as all my other guns. I back pocket carried it until I got the wife's .380.
Gun, 2 Factory 7rd Mags, 8rds FMJ, Box, Papers, 5 more locks


FTF & You may shoot all the ammo you want to bring for either of them. I will furnish the range.