In order to cover a recent fun tax, courtesy the VA state police, I need to liquidate some of my flashlight collection. All prices include CONUS shipping, payment via USPS money order, cash for FTF transactions in Lynchburg, VA, or Paypal (add 4%).

$80 - Surefire E2L with KL1 head, high CRI seoul P4 - very good cond.
$80 - Surefire L1, Luxeon III, four flats - very good cond., incl. lanyard and box
$20 - Inova X5 white (old style with twisty head) - good cond, with lanyard
$20 - Inova X1 white, second gen (5mm led/reflector) with lanyard, good/very good cond
$140 Mag85 - Modified 3D Maglite, Pewter color, with glass lens, focusable aluminum reflector, 10.8v rechargeable battery pack, WA1185 bulb (good for about 1300 lumens on a full charge) - Charger is available from Deal Extreme for $45, here

The battery for the Mag85 must be rested after a full charge, do NOT try to use the battery if the voltage reads higher than 12.0 volts, as you will destroy the bulb. No pics of mag, as it's just... well, a maglite.