I'm going to thin the herd a bit and want to fund a new toy...

Selling the following:

Smith and Wesson M&P15 OR (Optic Ready) comes with:
- 6 30rd. PMAGS with window - black
- 1 30rd. mag that came with the gun
- Original hard plastic carry case
- BSA (el Cheapo) Red Dot.. .actually holds zero fine


- Spikes Tactical drop in .22 conversion kit (tuned)
- 2 Black Dog 27rd. .22 mags

AND FOR A LIMITED TIME - I'll even throw in everything you need to get started....

500 rounds of Hansen .223 55gr (all brass)
250(or so) Rounds of Wolf Match Grade .22 (outstanding ammo)

Not enough??? How about.....

Another 500 rounds of Hansen .223 55gr - that's right... I'll double it!
Another assorted 150 rounds of .22 (Federal)

WAIT.... AM I CRAZY?!? WHAT's that you say....?
!ANOTHER! 400 rounds of steel case Wolf 62gr. .223? YES!

So in total you get a M&P15 with 100 rounds of .223 shot through it (and another 500 of .22), a red dot, 7 30rd. PMAGS for .223, 2 27rd Black Dog mags for .22, the carry case, (roughly) 400 rounds of .22, and 1400 rounds of .223 AND the Spikes conversion kit....

Willing to ship if need be - buyer pays actual costs. Located in Orlando, FL area.

Looking for a reasonably quick sale - $2550 OBO

(Photos added tonight) Stock photo below: