WTT: Glock 21SF For 9mm Pistol

I bought this Glock 21SF .45 a little while back as a house gun and have been to the range for 3 sessions for a total of 350 rounds fired. I really, really want to like the Glock, but I just can’t warm up to the trigger; it pinches and rubs my trigger finger way too much for me. It think it’s the way the grip angle makes my finger sit on the trigger.

I’d like to trade for one of the following 9mm pistols in good condition:

Beretta 92FS

SIG P6/225

SIG Pro 2022 9mm

CZ 9mm ?

Springfield XD9 Subcompact

Other 9mm… What do you have?

This G21SF has standard Glock non-night sights, a Picatinny rail, ambi mag release, and comes with (2) 15 round magazines, case, manual, lock, and mag loader. I’ve put a total of 350 flawless rounds through it and it’s never been carried, mostly it’s sat inside its case. It’s in very good condition, practically brand new.

**Shipping will be from my FFL to your FFL and vice versa for the trade**

PM me if you would like to make a deal! FTF is possible too in the King of Prussia-Pottstown area.