Have not put up pics yet but doing a quick check. I'm selling my almost new Pro Millennium (less than 100 rounds!) here in Tucson with a Kohlster IWB also new. 3 mags. It's a great IWB but I got the HK P7 Bug bad. Selling a couple pistols to fund it. $325 firm. A good deal. (check GB) It's also a nail tacker. Really. However, this is for medium to small hands. It's almost a subcompact. I'm going out of town tomorrow, back Sunday. You can call or email me for faster response: aznav@comcast.net or 520-245-8610 - cell. No trades. I'll send it out of state for $375 (rotten shippers).

ps. Probably no pics till Sunday unless I can throw something sloppy together in the morning.