Iíve decided to sell a milled AK-47 that was built by The Firing Line in Oklahoma. It has one of their new threaded milled receivers (the Eagle and Firing Line info is on the bottom of the receiver) and the rifle was built using a Hungarian non-matching parts kit.

The rifle is in excellent condition with approximately 300 rounds through it. It was taken to the range once, then cleaned and stored. It has a Moly-Coat finish that is very durable.

These rifles are top tier and often sell for upwards of $1,800. I think $1,600 is a fair price, and Iíll throw in a steel mag.

For an online payment, you would have to add 3%. Iíll split the shipping cost with you.

All FFL/ATF rules apply. Please do not make an offer if you live outside of CONUS or if it is not legal to own in your State or area. Not interested in trades.

Please ask any questions you may have.

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