I posted this in the General Discussion thread also, but feel it may be more appropriate here.

Is there anyone in VA with a Kahr PM9 willing to meet for a little range time and let me try out the PM9?

Kinda like, I'll bring what I got, if you bring what you got and maybe we can both get to try out something we havn't had a chance to try yet, so we don't have to buy it to try it.

I'm sure everyone's at some point bought a handgun that they wish they hadn't. Just to sale it or trade it for something else, which they got rid of also.

I have and like the CW9, but am considering a PM9 due to its smaller size and being lighter. However, it's quite an expensive gun to buy without being able to try one out first and there are NO ranges or anything anywhere near me that rent guns, much less anything that would rent a Kahr PM9.

Closest thing is in Knoxville, TN 3 hours away from me but they do not have a Kahr PM9.

I'm in extreme Southwestern Virginia. 30 minutes from KY state line and 45 minutes from Kingsport, TN.

Looking for someone willing to meet at a reasonable distance/location where it is possible to shoot.

Hopefully I have something you may like to try out that you havn't had a chance to fire.

I know this is kinda an odd request, and I've never seen anyone else on here ask this type of favor.... but how else are you supposed to be able to try out different guns before buying them and wasting your money.