Our monthly match is getting ran early this month.

Match is this Sunday with a 09:30 sign in.

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Our match is this Sunday. It will be at the new range near Traer. As usual, we’ll do sign in at 0930, safety brief and walk-through at 0945, and start the match promptly at 10:00.

We will be shooting 6 stages for just under 70 handgun rounds and a 75 round rifle sidematch. The match is $15 and the sidematch is $5 additionally, but the winner of the iron sight and the optics division each take home 25% of the purse. Should be fun!

The stages are going to be challenging. You’ll start 2 of them by being’assaulted’, we have a USPSA stage variant of “6 Chickens”, a Mozambique buffet—in which you’ll shoot 6 targets in 6 strings in a variety of positions, the ubiquitous car jacking stage with a twist, and a fun little 1 shot stage from the Nationals. We will be signing releases at this one, and anyone who wants to bow out of a given stage may do so. <g> We’re back to “edgy” on a couple of them, courtesy of Mr. Pincus.
I've been seeing a lot more Iowa members joining up since the passage of the carry reform bill, come on out and get some shootin' in.

PM me or post here for more info.