Anyone who supports the RKBAs is a welcome guest.

FYI -- It is legal to carry at a local park in Virginia -- Open or (with a recognized permit) Concealed .

VCDL does not take a position on Open vs. Concealed carry -- or even care if you attend our events w/o carrying. Your call.

However, safety mishaps, particularly with firearms, expose the organization to liability issues and could significantly damage VCDL.s credibility as a gun rights organization. At all events, the rules and requirements of the sponsor/promoter shall be strictly observed.

Therefore, whenever the sponsor/promoter permits loaded firearms, and at all VCDL-sponsored meetings, events, or gatherings, at non-range sites, loaded firearms shall NOT be handled; they will remain holstered or otherwise secured at all times.

Re-posted with permission of VCDL


Oct 15, there will be a family pot luck picnic at:

Longwood Park
611 E Main St
Salem VA 24153

The picnic is for all VCDL members, families and any guests who would like to attend on October 15.

Early birds will start arriving at 10 AM, and food will be served at 11 AM.

Please bring a food dish to share with others. VCDL will furnish plates, napkins, eating utensils, soft drinks and ice. A major company will furnish potato chips and related items for our pleasure.

Guest speaker to be announced.

Please RSVP with numbers attending to Al Steed, Jr. at:

so we can plan on having proper items available.