[Re-posted from a VA-ALERT with prior approval of VCDL. First person singular pronouns (I, my, mine, etc) and “PVC” reference Philip Van Cleave, President VCDL]

VCDL meeting in Annandale in JULY to have a speaker talking about reloading!

There will not be a June VCDL meeting in Annandale (we usually skip June every year).

VCDL member Terrell Prude (AKA "Cowboy T") knows a lot about reloading and will be sharing his knowledge with you at the Thursday, JULY 18 VCDL meeting in Annandale! Here is Terrell's description of his talk/demonstration:


Having trouble getting 9mm? .40 S&W? .45 Auto? How about .223? If you can even find it, how's it priced?

How neat would it be if you could--safely--make your own ammunition in the comfort of your own home? Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to pop out a box when you want to go to the range? And how about lowering your ammo costs by more than half?

Wouldn't all that be great?

Yes, all this is possible. See, I have no ammo problems. And I shoot a fair amount, about 3 times a week. I can afford to do so because rolling your own reduces your ammo costs considerably.

I'd like to explain to you how this is done. And I'd like to do it at the next VCDL meeting in Annandale.

See, I got caught by the Great Ammo Rush of 2009. This time, during the G. A. R. of 2013, I was ready. My range frequency hasn't slowed one bit during all this. And if you want to maintain your ability--which we all should be doing as gun owners--you need ammo.

It's called, "handloading", or "reloading". And it's remarkably easy to do. As my cameralady who helps me with my instructional videos puts it, "it's like needlepoint; you can do this."

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