I'm starting "locally" because it will be easier for travel, but I'm willing to deal with anyone that's anywhere I can get to even if you're not in AL. Rather stay in-state if possible, though, so here's the brief:

My website needs work. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. It may be that I could do it myself, but I'd rather trade professional services for it. Not much money right now, but I do have knowledge, to wit: I know gunfighting better than I know web development; others of you know web development better than you know gunfighting. There is opportunity for a beneficial exchange here.

Basically, you make my website better and I make you (and others, if there is that much work and you want to set up a group) a better gunfighter. Details to be discussed, including how we work out the record-keeping to keep .govs happy.

Contact me if you're interested. Let's make a deal.