What do I need to know to sell one of my Pistols?

This is a discussion on What do I need to know to sell one of my Pistols? within the Member Meeting Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I live in Texas and am selling one of my guns to another individual. What do I need to know? I see the term face ...

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Thread: What do I need to know to sell one of my Pistols?

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    What do I need to know to sell one of my Pistols?

    I live in Texas and am selling one of my guns to another individual. What do I need to know? I see the term face to face (ftf), but no mention of using an FFL. Am I required to go through an FFL to sell to another person?
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    I don't know your state laws, but generally No, it's not required to use an FFL for a private sale. However, it is illegal to knowingly sell a firearm to someone who you have reason to believe is prohibited from owning one (straw purchase). If you don't know the person you're selling to it's never a bad Idea to use an FFL from a CYA standpoint. Though you may be safe criminally you never know what kind of civil liability risk you're running in our modern litigious society.

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    I Would Use Common Sense and Caution...

    I would never sell to someone I do not know!
    If the person has a CCW, even better...I would only cell to individuals I know or through a trusted friend knows the individual very well.

    I would make a copy of ID, and get a signature attesting to what was purchased...include cost, serieal numbers, date, etc...

    I have plenty of friends, both LEO and non-LEO to whom I could sell weapons, I would never 'advertise' my desire to sell a gun...word of mouth only!

    And...check your individual state laws carefully...ask a local FFL!


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    I remember hearing that some people only FTF with people who are prepared to show a DL to the seller. No copies made or anything but if someone is prepared to show you an official ID they are more trustworthy than those who refuse.
    Obviously it is not in any way anything approaching a legally binding and foolproof procedure but it will sort wheat from chaff.


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    If it is to an individual in another state, you have to use an FFL.

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