Missouri members: Please read!

Missouri members: Please read!

This is a discussion on Missouri members: Please read! within the Member Meeting Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I don't know how many of you are also members of missouricarry.com, so I am posting the e-mail I got from them today regarding our ...

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Thread: Missouri members: Please read!

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    Missouri members: Please read!

    I don't know how many of you are also members of missouricarry.com, so I am posting the e-mail I got from them today regarding our Castle Doctrine/PTA Elimination bill that is currently underway. Please read through this if you would, and make some calls and send some e-mails this weekend. Heavy on the request for phonecalls to Sen. Goodman if you are like me and live in SW MO.

    May Newsletter
    Castle Doctrine, PTA Repeal!

    Hello all,

    Let me apologize at the outset for sending such a lengthy email, but time is short for this project, and we need your help!

    As you probably know, I have been very active over the last several years in an effort to get some important firearms and hunting-related legislation passed through the Missouri legislature. We are at a critical juncture with a very important piece of legislation that is loosely known as the "Castle Doctrine" bill. E-Mail messages from you to your Missouri Senator are critical to getting this legislation onto the floor for an up-or-down vote before the term expires, so I'd like to ask that you take a moment right now to do so.



    This legislation would protect the victims of violent crimes from malicious prosecution AND/OR civil suits brought by the perpetrator or the perpetrator's family should the victim use deadly force to stop an attack. Current jury instructions place on the victim a duty to retreat -- even if the attack is in his or her own home! HCS SCS SB62 eliminates that "duty to retreat". This "duty to retreat" was never intended to be in the law and is not in any statute, but over the years it has become de facto law by being placed in the required jury instructions by judges.

    Another benefit of HCS SCS SB62 is that it eliminated the redundant system of the "Permit To Acquire" for handguns. This is an old, Jim Crow era law that was designed to give local sheriffs the ability to deny black citizens the ability to own handguns. The records checks performed by the sheriff are completely redundant to those done by the National Instant Check System (NICS) at the Federal level when you buy any type of firearm -- long gun or handgun. This brings Missouri into the 21st century on that front.

    Lastly, as amended in the House, this bill directs the courts to report any findings of mental incompetence to the Highway Patrol who would then forward that information to the NICS system. This is an effort to bring Missouri into compliance with current practice to prevent someone who has been adjudicated as mentally incompetent from purchasing a firearm, as they would then fail the NICS check. This might have kept the Virginia Tech shooter from buying his firearms from a licensed dealer, at least.

    This bill passed the House with an overwhelming vote of 154-6, so it has strong, bi-partisan support. It is now in the hands of the Senate, but last year similar legislation died in the Senate because it wasn’t brought to a vote before the session ended. So, we need your help in the next 24-48 hours to get this bill to a vote. Senator Goodman, the bill’s sponsor, can allow the vote to happen or send the bill to a committee which might be the end of it.


    Now is the time to call, email and write your Senator, along with the bill's sponsor Senator Goodman. Tell them/him you appreciated their vote (except Sens. Justice and Bray – they voted “NO”) for Castle Doctrine earlier this year. Say that the changes made in the House only make the bill stronger and better for victims of violent crimes by protecting victims no matter where they are attacked.

    The additional changes made in the House repeal the Permit to Acquire a handgun, replacing it with the Federal NICS (Insta-check) system. Another change requires the MULES (MO Uniform Law Enforcement System) to report those adjudicated mentally incompetent to the MO Highway Patrol and NICS database in order to keep people who can/have caused harm to themselves or others from buying a gun. In addition, the changes allow peace officers and corrections officers to use the training they already have to fulfill the training requirement for a MO concealed carry permit.

    Most of these changes have already been before the Senate in individual bills and have been approved by a large majority of Senators.

    Ask your Senator and Senator Goodman for an *up or down vote* on Castle Doctrine in the Senate. Ask them to *vote yes* to support your rights and victims rights throughout the state of Missouri. Time is short and this is the surest way of passing a strong Castle Doctrine bill this year.

    To look up who's your Senator see:


    For their contact information use this link:


    Also, please contact Senator Goodman (the Bill's original sponsor) directly and politely but firmly ask him to allow a straight up or down vote on HCS SCS SB 62.

    He can be reached; by phone at (417) 466-3731, by fax at (573) 526-9808, and by email at jack.goodman@senate.mo.gov

    Thanks in advance for taking the time from your day to help with this, and please contact me if you have any questions.
    Attention Southwest Missouri!!!!

    Please take the time to call Senator Jack Goodman Friday, Saturday and Sunday and politely ask him to bring the current version of the Castle Doctrine up for an up or down vote next week! He is the Senator for all of you living in Southwest Missouri.

    He needs to hear from you....the voters in Southwest Missouri!

    Please call this number Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
    District Address:
    212 S. Hickory
    Mt. Vernon, Missouri 65712
    (417) 466-3731

    Please tell whomever answers the phone that you really appreciate Sen. Goodmans support and how happy you will be when Sen. Goodman brings this bill up for a vote.

    Sen. Goodman has a real chance here to be our hero. Lets encourage him to do the right thing!

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    Thanks for contacting me. I have sent a couple emails to Goodman and Delbert Scott.

    I am planning some phone calls for early next week!

    Appreciate you contacting me though.

    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Email sent to my senator and called Senator Jack Goodman's office yesterday (5-4-07).

    We have 2 weeks to get this on the floor of the Senate for an up or down vote so we need to ring Senator Jack Goodman's phone as he is the original bill sponsor as mentioned in first post.

    Muzz, thanks for posting this information.

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    Message sent, calls placed!

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    Thanks for the personal message and heads-up on this.
    I sent Senator Loudon an e-mail just moments ago.
    "Luck is the point where opportunity and preparedness meet."

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    Yep, thanks for the PM. I sent an email when the NRA sent me something. I guess its been a few days now, what's the status?

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    The new Bill that came out of the Commitee is called RSMo 563. It passed the Senate 29-3, with Sen's Bray, Days, & Justus being the 'no' votes - go figure Word is, the House is supposed to vote on Friday the 18th, and its expected to pass with flying colors. Might see it go into effect by Aug. 28th, if what I have 'learned' so far is correct.

    I haven't read completely through it, but I believe the only thing we lost out on is the no duty to retreat "anywhere we have the legal right to be". We still got a 'partial' castle doctrine in that we will have no duty to retreat in our homes and our vehicles. Pretty sure the PTA will be in the trash - like I said, I haven't had time to completely read the new Bill yet. I'll edit or re-post after I hash through it.

    If someone who speaks legalese (sp?) better than I do can get through it before I do - please, feel free to correct or add to my interpretation of it so far.

    ETA - we're talking about it here on this site:
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