I haven't been around DC.com much in the last few months so I thought I'd drop this thread in since DC.com has grown so much.

For those of you that didn't notice, TheRallyPoint is an extension of the Member Meeting Place forum with search features and info about regional training and gun club info. TheRallyPoint is also an extension of one of the largest gun show resources Gun Show List covering United States

Stop on over and tell us where you shoot, too.
To find your regional forum you can find it on this map The Rally Point Regions Map

We're giving out free TRP.org stickers for members to take to their gun clubs and we're asking DC.com members that are active in their gun clubs to help us build the website as a resource for what's happening around the Country.

Free Sticker's link Free-TheRallyPoint.org Stickers!!!

Drop me a PM over at TRP.org for the stickers