Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you all know I’m not a fan of “Rally’s” or mass Lobby Days because unless we can fill The Plaza or The Well with thousands of people we show our weakness rather than our strength. Remember when the unions, SUNY or the Teachers come to Albany they bring thousands of people. Streets are closed and special parking is arranged for the 500-1,000 buses. That’s right 500 – 1,000 buses. The union SEIU on their last outing to Albany brought 30,000 people, caterers and four bands that set up in the Plaza and parks around the Capitol. We need numbers or we are perceived as weak and ineffectual without enough votes or clout to influence an election. If we are perceived as being a “Paper Tiger” it will mean more gun control not less gun control.

Also remember that the press will hold us to a higher standard than NYAGV and other anti-gun groups; we must be appropriately dressed, polite and not aggressive. There cannot be any confrontations with the supporters of the opposition and certainly none with Legislators. And remember all entrances to the Legislative Office Building and the Capitol are protected by metal detectors and not even pocket knives are allowed in the building. All that being said; if we can pull off a visit by at least 5,000 supporters it will be a success even though 10,000 is the number most unions shoot for when bringing supporters to Albany on a Lobby Day.

Let’s all pull together and get as many people as possible to have a successful Lobby Day that will show the Legislators we are a force that cannot be ignored.

Please pass this on to all your friends and associates.

See you in Albany on the 29th!

Tom King

NYS Rifle & Pistol Association