The Shooting Sports Club board folks met today and we're going to hold a informal but thorough safety and marksmanship session on Saturday the 16th at 10AM at Sigma Sigma commons.

We need some help getting the word out about this. Emails, phone calls, talking to people, we need it. We will be doing our best to have a flier designed and ready for distribution on Monday. The turnout we have for the safety course will determine where we get our first range session, especially if we have a session done by multiple groups. It may be anything from a small 1-2 hour indoor range rented out or an outdoor range such as Fairfield sportsman club.

As for future range sessions, the shooting sports club is mandating that anybody who attends one of our range sessions attend a safety course – which will always be free. If people can not make our safety course should let myself, Alex Pendl, Kenn Ford, Tyler Ladd, or Mary Fox know (emails below) and we will do our best to have a one on one session with those unable to make the first one.

Again, we will be holding our basic safety and marksmanship on Saturday the 16th in Sigma Sigma commons at 10AM, and we will then schedule our range session for the year based on turnout.


Mike Flitcraft

Mike Flitcraft

Kenn Ford

Tyler Ladd

Alex Pendl

And for those students worried about UC trying to pull something on us, they can't.

Student code of conduct, 2(A) :

Students are members of society as well as members of the academic community. As members of society, students have the same responsibilities as other members of society and enjoy the same freedom of speech and peaceful assembly, and the right of petition that other members of society enjoy. As members of the academic community, they shall have the rights and be subject to the responsibilities which accrue to them by virtue of this membership. Institutional authority shall not be employed to inhibit such intellectual and personal development of students as is often promoted by the exercise of their rights and responsibilities both on and off the campus.”